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 Gift Registry

A & E Customers can now create a Wish List or Gift Registry.  Follow the instructions below to setup your list.  Be sure to mark your registry as PRIVATE. Otherwise anyone on this site can view your list.  Private lists can be shared with family and friends using a link.  See instructions below.

Setup - 
  • Log in to your profile
  • Click on Gift Registry in the left hand menu
  • Click on the green New Registry button on the right
  • Complete the form and Save Changes
  • Private or Public Registry
    • At the bottom of the form you need to un-check the box if you want to make your registry private.
    • If you leave it checked – Public, then anyone/everyone can view the registry.
  • Go to the online store and select the items you want to add to the registry.
  • To share your private registry,
    • Go to the list of your registries in your profile.
    • Click on Copy Link
    • Paste this into an email or text message to share your registry